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  • Penalty Shootout Game
  • Insta-Chef
  • DisCovr
  • Penalty Shootout Game

    For my Computer Graphics (CS 174A) project, my team and I were inspired by the 2022 World Cup.

    So we created Penalty Shootout, a game where you shoot penalties against your friends, an AI, or to gain practice.

    Source code on Github

    Watch a presentation explaining how my teammates and I made it.

    Here's a screenshot of what Penalty Shootout looks like:

    Screenshot of Penalty Shootout Game


    Insta-Chef is a recipe-finding website that leverages ingredients you have in your kitchen!

    Check out Insta-Chef's source code here.

    Here's some screenshots of what Insta-Chef looks like:


    DisCovr plays a random song from Spotify! I worked with a friend, Pranav Srinivasan to create Discovr. It uses the SpotifyPlaybackSDK to play the song and the Spotify Web API to select a random song. Now go DisCovr!

    Check out DisCover's source code here.

    Here's a screenshot of what DisCover looks like:

    Screenshot of DisCovr page